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Beat Heat Stress with Big Industrial Fan

Beat Heat Stress with Big Industrial Fan

07 Sep 2022

If we take the records from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, heat is one major reason for deaths compared to hurricanes and tornadoes collectively. It is sad to see such records as heat stress can easily be avoided. Apart from this, SA Engineering Corporation offers the best quality HVLS Fans at a competitive market price. Before moving further, let’s understand the four common types of Heat Stress.

4 Types of Heat Stress

  • Heat Cramps - This situation occurs when extreme sweating is seen due to low salt levels in muscles.
  • Heat Syncope - Dizziness or collapsing could be witnessed as the increases and the individual is standing for a long period. Additionally, getting up fast from a sitting position can also lead to the same situation.
  • Heat Exhaustion - This is termed as an excessive loss of body salt and water through sweating. Individuals, who tend to work in sweltering environments often face heat exhaustion.
  • Heat Stroke - The body becomes unable to control the temperature. This is a dangerous situation as the temperature can shoot up to 106°F or more in a few minutes.

Simple Tips To Beat Heat Stress

  • Drink Water - Keep yourself well-hydrated irrespective of the season. On a long hectic day, do not forget to carry your water bottle along as that would help you keep yourself hydrated\ and beat heat stress.
  • Loose Clothing -  wear something light in weight, cotton made and dry-fit. This type of clothing will help in better air circulation and even prevent perspiration.
  • Cold Compress - Dip a towel or washcloth in cold water and place the same over your pulse points. This technique will help you to cool off and avoid heat stress in severe conditions.
  • Extra Clothing - Along with your lunch, make sure you carry an extra T-shirt. As an added advantage, you can place the t-shirt in a zip-lock pouch and place it in the refrigerator. As you start feeling uncomfortable, get your cool t-shirt from the fridge and wear it to get some comfort.

Information and knowledge about heat stress are important to avoid severe situations. The situation at warehouses, restaurants, theaters, barns, etc., could also be avoided using Big Industrial Fans. These fans move the huge volume of air at a slow rate, thus, helping in maintaining the temperature along with keeping the space well ventilated.

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