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HVLS Fans An Evolution For Industrial Environment Purification

HVLS Fans An Evolution For Industrial Environment Purification

04 Dec 2018

Evolution of heavy industries and growing pollution has gradually polluted the environmental air. To purify the air in the industrial area we have adopted few artificial methods and one among that is High-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans. These fans are very commonly used in warehouses, gyms, vast retail stores and other industrial areas across the world.

HVLS Fans produce a mighty, column of air that flows down to the floor and outward in all directions, consistently circulating air in large spaces. The 2-3 mph breeze delivers the equivalent of a 7-11-degree reduction in the perceived temperature, keeping employees in sustainable environment. Balanced air circulation reduces stagnant air, hot and cold spots, and condensation, keeping food and produce dry and fresh and avoiding rupture.

By having larger fans working with the HVAC system to regulate temperature from floor to ceiling, a facility that can raise the thermostat setting 3-5 degrees, creating the potential for up to 4% energy savings per degree change. Integrating industrial fans with advanced software allows for central monitoring of fan activity for optimized performance and controlled energy consumption.

The basic requirement of such fans is not just to move air, they need to circulate air efficiently and positively impact the industrial environment. The gentle mass of air or the "floor jet" balances the internal environment by creating a more even temperature, protecting product integrity, avoiding potential product spoilage and increasing employee comfort. The SA ENGINEERING CORPORATION manufactures uniform coverage HVLS ceiling fan which reduces moisture in the air, keep floors drier and safer for your employees.


Few of the smarter techniques adopted for ideal HVLS fans are:

  •  Amending 5-blade design optimizes airflow by increasing lift from the blade surface.
  •  Remote digital touchscreen offers floor-level diagnostics
  •  Single-axis mount decreases potential fan movement
  •  Easily integrate with fire suppression panels and centralized control
  •  Fans can be run in reverse to circulate the hot air trapped at ceiling level in colder

Depending on the environmental requirement, cost and matching the features we pick an industrial fan to make the area sustainable for the human working around it. The four major constraints on which the cost of the fans price depends are the installation of the fan impacts the price, larger the size more air it pushes down and higher is the cost, air exchange capacity counts the price, and warranty sets the price of the HVLS fans. So, such fans are a great boon to reduce industrial pollution, but the right product choice is any day an uphill task.

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