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Regulate Healthy Air In Industrial Environment

Regulate Healthy Air In Industrial Environment

03 Nov 2018

HVLS Fans, an excellent and cost-effective remedy to numerous indoor environmental problems experienced in manufacturing space and it wipe out heating, cooling, ventilation, and energy efficiency issues.

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The average working hour of an industrial worker is 2/4th of a day. The environment work in this has a very significant impact on their health and well-being. Everything in the work environment that leads to discomfort can negatively impact employee morale, health, and productivity. When that happens, no one benefits.

HVLS fans create a suitable industrial workplace in the following ways

  • Cooling effect: During crouching summer when production is high, an industrial workplace can become an uncomfortably warm place to work. HVLS fan provides a steady flow of air to provide an evaporative cooling effect for sweaty employees. It comforts them feel up to 10 degrees cooler much more cost-effectively than adjusting the air conditioning lower.
  • Humidity Control: Sweating slab syndrome (SSS occurs when warm, moist air meets a concrete floor that is cooler than the dew point. Moisture condenses on the slab, creating hazardous slippery conditions and facilitating the growth of mold. HVLS Fans provide drying breezes & help to force air downward to warm the slab above the dew point faster.
  • Heating effect: HVLS fans help with winter comfort, too. Run them in reverse to deviate settled air, bringing the heat to a ground level where employees find it sustainable.
  • Sick building solution: "Sick building syndrome" refers to a condition where occupants of a building experience health problems related to time spent in the building. Often, poor air quality is to blame. HVLS fans can help prevent or alleviate sick building syndrome by improving ventilation in the building. All because single fan can manage to move such large volumes of air. It can distract up to 40,000 square feet which is effective at preventing the build-up of indoor air pollutants in a cost-effective way.

Studies have proven over the years that employees work faster, produce more and make fewer mistakes when they are comfortable. The employee is satisfied in a better environment and take fewer sick leaves and are less likely to look elsewhere for job opportunities.

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